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Functional Cranial Release/Nasal Specific

Nasal Specific Technique, also know as Endonasal Technique, Cranial Facial Release, Nasal Cranial Release, Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique, Functional Cranial Release, and Neurocranial Restructuring Nasal Specific Technique, is a structural technique to assist in adjusting the cranial bones. Whereas the spine has 24 moveable bones in the adult, the head and face have 22. Often while the spine gets tended to, the vital bones of the head are forgotten. It is important that the primary bones and joints of the head move properly ( yes, they move - just not in the same was as we think of most of our other joints) in order to have a normal "primary respiratory mechanism" as well as other functions associated with the cranial bones. This technique is performed by the insertion of a small finger cot into the nasal passages and inflating in order to safely pressurize and adjust the primary bones of the head.
Symptoms that may respond well to Functional Cranial Release / Nasal Specific Technique:

Concussion Effects
Facial pain, pressure, congestion, Vertigo, balance problems
Snoring, Sleep apnea
Breathing problems
Nasal obstruction or blockage Headaches, migraines Sinusitis
Neck pain
Ear problems

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